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COVID-19 Progression Following Diagnosis

Institute for systems Biology

Study Design

Patient status of 139 COVID-19 patients and 259 healthy controlsCollected data typesDetailed analysis of the samples

Patient status of 139 COVID-19 patients and 259 healthy controls

The participated covid-19 patients were comprised of 60 males and 79 females, spanning in age between 18 and 89 (med=58). For plasma metabolomics and proteomic assay, healthy controls were matched on age, sex, and comorbidities (i.e., obesity, diabetes, hypertension). Each patient was scored against the WHO Ordinal Scale to measure illness severity (e.g., 0=uninfected, 4=hospitalized with oxygen, 8=death) at both (time=1 and time=2) sample collections.

Collected data types

Demographics and static and dynamic clinical features for each patient were obtained, combined with multi-omic analytics of two sequential blood draws per patient (265 total), the first of which was collected shortly after initial clinical diagnosis (time=T1), and the second a few days later (time=T2). For each blood draw, the plasma and PBMCs are collected for further analysis.

Detailed analysis of the samples

To characterize the peripheral immune response in severe disease, we analyzed PBMCs and plasma, whole transcriptome, 192 surface proteins, and 32 secreted cytokines, as well as TCR&BCR. These were measured simultaneously from the same single PBMC cells. Target proteins and untargeted metabolites were characterized from derived plasma.

Protein Coorelations By Group

Metabolite Coorelations By Group